ol pal and i got to have a chat today it was just like old times i hope it stays that way it’s so nice just to have friendly interactions that’s all i really want

we were talking about high school ex’s and i said i feel 100x regret/grossed out by mine and he told me about one of his who went to go build houses in Ghana and met a guy and he imagined them trying to do the thing in the desert (but not in a jealous way ahahahahahahahaha) oh man i did tell him that was super weird and then he told me to trot along and i was like ‘man wouldn’t it be weird having sex in the desert and then having animals go past you???’ (trotting reminded me of elephants)

anyway i’m really excited to work over the Christmas and fund my 2k15 wardrobe hehe and tomorrow i’m going to splash around at Manly pew pew

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ur gurl finally got a job!!!!!!!!

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Your Past Becomes a Fog Within YouIndia K


Your Past Becomes a Fog Within You
India K

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Girl Empire, by laurence philomene x samantha conlon

preview of an upcoming project we’ve been working on, published on polyester zine - more to come! :)

I’ve had to take a break from shooting these recently due to being sick but I’m hoping I can start again soon!!

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by Leslie Kalohi

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